Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lelu & Lilitu

Well, I caved and picked up a Lelu and a Lilitu.  Damned impulse buys. 

Rules-wise, this pair looks fantastic for any Neverborn master.  Lilitu has plethora of abilities and spells which target an enemy's Willpower (always a good thing in a Pandora crew), and she can cast Lure with the best undead hookers around with a trigger to allow her to cast it again on the same target!  Lelu has a couple of Wp abilities/spells but he really is just a melee beatstick, and for his cost he's excellent in that regard.  Their biggest weakness is that each relies on the other... if one dies, the other won't survive long. 

Model-wise, Lilitu is a beautiful sculpt.  Just beautiful.  My only concern is with the chain, which is very easily bent and eventually will likely break.  I think even with careful tabletop use this won't last long, and there's no way I could put it in a typical foam carry case and have it come out in the same shape on the other end.  I may end up replacing it with a more simple whip using brass rod, but I'll see how long the stock whip lasts first. Lelu on the other hand is just not that great a model, and next to Lilitu the difference is huge.  He's pretty chunky, and I think he would've been fantastic were he scuplted as a lean, graceful, stalking predator type.  Alas, his pose and sculpt leave much to be desired, and not much you can do with him to make it any better.