Monday, October 31, 2011

Tourney fail = Fun!

So we ended up with just 4 players at the tournament (there was potentially 6-8 players but I guess none of the "maybe's" could make it).  Between a late start and me pimping my new Puppet Wars game we only ended up playing 2 Malifaux rounds.  So it ended up as more of a Wyrd game day than a true Malifaux tournament, but tons of fun was had by all. 

In game 1 I was introduced to the Zoraida/Collodi duo.  Lesson #1, Steal Relic is a poor choice for anyone against Zoraida.  Not really sure what I was thinking there.  I lost this game mostly due to the scheme I chose (and the other I gave up for extra SS), as otherwise my crew performed very well against them.  Zoraida/Collodi successfully accomplished Bodyguard and Breakthrough, and we tied the strategy (witch's cauldron scenario from Halloween 2010).  We each had 2 Stitched and all 4 were eradicated by the end of round 2 (mostly killing each other), which was pretty hilarious to watch. 

In game 2 I faced Colette in the Carver scenario.  This game fell apart for Colette in round 3 as between herself, Cassandra, and the Coryphee they burnt through all their soulstones in one round of defending against Pandora and her crew, and then when the Carver activated at the end of the turn he was able to charge Colette and cut her into many fine pieces.  Turn 4 saw the death of the coryphee and later Cassandra also at the hands of the Carver. 

Amidst all that we got in a handful of games of Puppet Wars and had a blast.  I've just got the main box set right now, but will likely pick up the multiplayer box and boosters sometime in the near future.  As it was mentioned on the Gamers Lounge I decided to go the easy route and prime the puppets white and do an ink wash of each puppet's faction colour and the results are pretty good.  It really helps bring out some of the neat details of the puppets with a minimum of effort. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nightmare Teddy

Nightmare Teddy is now done.  I ended up dipping the fat kid as well, and he turned out ok.  But Teddy I think is pretty awesome for the incredibly short amount of time spent on him.  I spent perhaps another half hour touching up highlights and cleaning it up post-dip, so a little over an hour of paint-time start to finish.

As for the Halloween tournament this weekend, I'm bringing Pandora.  Nightmare Teddy needs to get some games in!  For the 50ss pool I'm pretty much just taking a selection of what I have painted (except the two stitched togethers, they'll be ready by Sunday).  The 50ss is:

Stitched Together
Stitched Together
Insidious Madness
Primordial Magic

I'll try to get lots of pictures at the tournament and do a little recap sometime next week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painting Desk

Going through a bit of gamer (painter?) ADD right now.  Can't decide what to work on.  There's a halloween Malifaux tournament coming up (set master, 50ss pool, 35ss games) and I'm undecided between Nicodem and Pandora.  Nicodem's army is fully painted, but I'd want to get his avatar finished if I were to play him- and that'd be a ton of work I don't think I'll have time for.  Pandora's crew has a lot of finished models, but a few that I'd want to paint up and include in the pool (a few stitched, teddy, etc). 

Looking at my Nightmare Teddy I was trying to decide how to tackle painting him and I decided dipping would work out great with him.  Here he is, from primer I spent perhaps 30 minutes splashing on the various colours (from my experience dipping a Beastmen army, lighter colours work much better as a base) and another couple painting on the Army Painter dip.  Once the dip sets, I'll hit it with some Dullcote and then throw in a few more highlights for good measure.  Still to add is the fat kid, who will be falling off the front edge of the base as he tries to flee the Teddy. xD

You can also see the Avatar of Decay, now primed and ready to paint with a light black wash to pick out the details, and a few terror tots, who I'm using to test out the method I'll use for red-skinned nephilim. 

I may just end up dipping the stitched as well, though I'm not sure the dip would work as well on their smooth surfaces.  They'd definitely require some post-dip highlighting.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Avatar of Decay - WIP

Had some progress on Lilith and crew, but not much to show.  Instead here's my WIP Nicodem Avatar: