Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Whew, well real life caught up to me after Walpurgis Night.  I've had a bit of hobby time but not much in the way of painting progress.  I'll likely be diving back into the Neverborn as I have many new minions and two new masters (Dreamer and Lilith) to join forces with my Pandora crew.

This coming weekend I'll be heading down to Vancouver, WA for the 2011 Warhammer Fantasy Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge.  Haven't played much Fantasy in the past year, I could count the number of games of 8th edition on two hands and without using all the fingers, and haven't played at all within the last 6 months.  Still, I've been heading down to OFCC for many many years and I'm still excited to go just for a weekend of gaming with all the great people I've met across the Pacific NW.  Outside the WFB tournament there will be much open gaming to be had, so I'll be looking to get some games of Malifaux in as well as some board game action.  Recap to come hopefully by next week, along with some more frequent updates if Fate serves me well!