Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick update

Another update, long overdue.  Thanks to a bunch of free time I had last weekend while administrating a Flames of War tournament, I got a few good hours of work done on Lilith.  Here she is in progress:

My female Nephilim will all be blue-skinned like this, while the males will be red-skinned (just like Lelu/Lilitu in the book).   Skin, clothing (such as it is), hooves, bone piercings/nails/etc, hair are all done.  The eyes are "good enough", though she has a slight expression of shock.  I've resigned myself to never becoming good at painting eyes. 

I am quite pleased with the turnout on the red hair, and though the white highlights on the bikini are a bit glaring in the photo it looks more natural in person and serves to make it look a bright/shiny yellow.   Still to do are the sword (simple basecoat on currently), wing hooks, and base.  I will likely also do a light black wash or two on the wings to smooth out the highlights. 

And a shot of her crew, primed and ready for paint..... one day.......