Monday, July 18, 2011

OFCC Recap & Lilith WIP

OFCC has come and gone, my workload lately has been a bit crazy so I haven't had time to give it a proper recap.  Since I don't play Fantasy pretty much at all anymore, I was definitely hesitant heading down to Vancouver, WA for a Warhammer tournament, but I haven't missed an OFCC yet and I didn't want to miss this one. 

When all was said and done, I must say I had a blast and the tournament was every bit as fun as previous years.  I had 5 games against 5 great opponents, sadly a few of the games saw some unbelievable luck go my way and they ended up being rather one-sided.  Picture a unit of White Lions with a Prince and BSB along with a WL chariot charging my unit of 25 skeletons with my Vampire Lord.  After combat resolution, the skeletons have been wiped out and the Vamp has taken a wound.  In my turn, the Vampire Lord casts summon undead horde to heal himself (and other nearby units), casts with irresistible force, and the miscast result is a 4... the big blast killing the rest of the white lions, Prince, BSB, and wounding the chariot, while my Vampire Lord passes the roll to stay alive. Yeah, that kind of unbelievable luck.

Surprisingly in two games my Vampire Lord died, and died fairly early, but it wasn't the beginning of the end as I recall from editions past.  In both cases having characters in the remaining units helped with leadership so they lost less, the BSB being present also allowed a reroll if necessary.  One of those games I suffered a minor loss against some Daemons of Chaos (who just barely managed to outnumber my grave guard in the 500vp king of the hill scenario), and the other I managed a win against Slaan-led lizardmen.

While I am probably not going out of my way to play Fantasy much in the near future, I just don't have the time to paint big armies or haul them around and play 3 hour games with them these days, I am eagerly looking forward to the next OFCC.  Hopefully I won't be the only Canadian going next time!

Back on the Malifaux front, I've started collecting a Lilith crew (expanding my plethora of Neverborn).  I picked up this Freebooter miniature which I hoped could be my Lilith.  There was some question before purchasing her about whether the scale would work out ok.  I figured if she was just too big for Lilith I'd use her as Nekima or something, she's just so amazing I had to get her. 

In the end she's a solid head taller than the average man-sized model in Malifaux, but since her sister Nekima is on a fricken 50mm base I don't see any reason Lilith couldn't be a little taller than average.

I'm going with a blue skintone on her (and likely will do the same with all my nephilim).  I haven't really done any skin tones other than my usual 'bronzed flesh' recipe and I really liked the look of the Lilitu art in the Rising Powers book, so I decided to try this out.  The base colour is a mix of regal blue and codex gray, then highlighted with multiple layers adding in a bit more white each time.  Finally I added a few light washes of asurman blue and badab black. 

Now to figure out what colours to put on the rest of her....