Monday, January 31, 2011


I've managed to find a very little time to work on Pandora and her crew recently.  Gotta get these done so I can go back and finish up more Resurrectionists for the Walpurgis Night Malifaux GT in Bellingham, WA.  More on that later.

Here of course is Pandora herself.  Still need to paint the belt, add a little more highlight/shade to the box, and dot the eyes.  The light has washed out the whites quite a bit, hopefully one day I'll figure out a better setup for taking photos (yes I know, direct lighting is bad, but its all I got!).

Next up is Kade.  He's almost there, just a little work on the knife and the dots on the eyes.  Ended up adding some purple patches to his teddy and green stitching.  I like how this guy turned out.

And finally Candy.  Scissors, basket, and dot the eyes (man I hope I don't
f-up all these eyes...).

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