Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being sick is good...

... for production.  Stayed home sick yesterday, and managed to finish off the red dress and the flesh on all three Belles (the green and blue I had finished last week but never got around to posting).  I'm happy with the result of the flesh colour on all three; I used GW Rotting Flesh shaded with GW green + black washes, and then highlighted up to about a 50/50 mix of rotting flesh/white.

I'm really pleased with the blue and green dresses, but the red I was only happy enough to call it done.  Too much more highlighting and it'd be looking more orange and I definitely didn't want that.  Red's a tricky colour to work with I find. 

I like a unifying colour scheme in models but wanted the Belles each to have a distinctly different colour dress, so in this case everything else on the models will be their 'uniform', so hair, boots, gloves, jewelery, etc will all be the same for all three.  Probably will be a lot of black and white in all that, though won't really settle on specifics until I get the brush in hand ready to go.

Bete Noire you can see hiding in the background there.  Her flesh is done, I quite like her pasty white skin tone.  The rest I think I will leave mostly black, with faint highlights in grey (her dress), brown (accessories), and perhaps red accents to give her a very dark, muted look. 


  1. Looking good so far. Strangely, I'm in the middle of painting Belles myself and I've gone for almost an identical colour scheme! If you switch your blue and red dresses around it'd be hard to tell whose was whose!
    I'll be posting pics of mine at some point :)

  2. Sweet, I'll be sure to check 'em out!