Friday, November 26, 2010

O, Woe is me!

I've made some progress on my Pandora crew.  As you can see, the crew has a purple and bright-green colour scheme.  At first I wasn't sure I liked how the purple (GW liche highlighted to warlock purple) went with the bright scorpion green, but it's starting to grow on me. 

Above are Pandora's Sorrows and her two totems, the Poltergeist and Primordial Magic.  To the Left are three GW Horrors which are being used to proxy the Insidious Madness from the Malifaux: Rising Powers supplement.

Most recently I've got started on the flesh highlighting for Pandora, Candy, Kade, and the Doppleganger.  These minis will have the bright scorpion green used sparingly, hopefully to balance out the huge amount of it used on the above crew members.

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