Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 days to Walpurgis Night

Here's a quick recap of what I'm bringing along with me (looks like I`ll have everything complete before I leave Saturday morning!)
50ss Pool:
Bete Noir
Crooked Men x2
Rotten Belle
Canine Remains x4

Grave Spirit - base needs painting
Necropunk - 95% painted
Dead Rider - 95% painted

//-- 13 models, Exactly 50ss

And summonables:
Rogue Necromancy
Punk Zombies x3
Rotten Belle x2
Crooked Man
Mindless Zombies (9)

Necropunk x2 - 95% painted

It is a 5 game tournament with scenarios ranging from 25ss to 45ss, the core crew I hire pretty much regardless of game size will be something like Nicodem, Grave Spirit, Crooked Man, Rotten Belle, and 2x canine remains (13ss) with the rest filled in based on schemes/strategies.  For objectives requiring speed I will try bringing in the Rider and Necropunk.  Killy-objectives will likely see Bete Noire make an appearance.  I'm also a big fan of massively outnumbering an opponent, so there will be games where Bete and the Rider are both sitting out and watching while I spam low-cost Bolstered minions.  The models I have available to summon should also give me some flexibility to augment my forces as necessary mid-game.  I don't expect to be in the top tier, as I really have not had much time to play lately, but hope to put on a good showing regardless. 

I nearly forgot to make up a card for my Rogue Necromancy, here's the front:  

Wish me luck!  I'll be getting pics from the tournament and a rundown of each game, hopefully will have the writeup posted by the end of next week.

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