Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contest submission complete!

The deadline for the pre-Walpurgis Night Painting Contest II has now passed and I managed to submit the photos of my completed miniatures.  The rules for the 2nd contest allow for two photos; one group shot and another closeup of your choosing.  You'll be seeing these pop up along with the other contestants on the Ordo Fanaticus and Wyrd forums soon.  Vote for me!

Here you see the Belles and Bete leading a horde of mindless zombies and the dreaded Rogue Necromancy.  Fear the undead horde!

And of course a closeup of the completed Rotten Belles and Bete Noire.

This was my submission for the 1st contest.  Lighting was set up differently so it might be hard to see but I wanted to show that at first I was trying to match the colouring on the old bases, but with a slightly different approach arrived at a much different outcome, one that I like quite a bit more.  So, I've decided I must now go back and repaint the bases on the old models.  *Sigh*.  One more thing to add to the list!

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