Friday, April 15, 2011

Countdown to Walpurgis Night

With the Walpurgis Night tournament looming just two weeks away, I have 5 models to finish painting.  The Dead Rider (proxy) and three necropunks are already under way.  It's a shame this will likely be the only tournament this Dead Rider attends, what with the new Wyrd miniature coming out soon after. 

I've continued the use of the green and red colours from the belles to tie them a little tighter into the crew (my crooked men are sporting blue miners outfits a la Zoolander).  I'm partway done the flesh tones on all four, and everything else is still at least a few highlights from done.   The final model is the Grave Spirit... if I find the time I'll get him done last, if not I have a suitable proxy.

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