Thursday, October 6, 2011

Avatar of Decay - WIP

Had some progress on Lilith and crew, but not much to show.  Instead here's my WIP Nicodem Avatar:


  1. Awesome conversion work! I have no idea what youre using for the head, but is that a Warhammer Quest Lich throne?


  2. Funny that Mike3838 posted his question in that way. I recognize Nico's head but did not know where the body was from.

    So, are we correct in assuming its Nicodem's head pinned onto the Warhammer Quest Lich throne?

    Very very cool conversion.

  3. Thanks! It's actually the Van Storme vampire by reaper. Swapped the head, mechanical foot, and replaced the cup of blood in the left hand with the a staff, which still needs a cap piece of some kind. Still have some greenstuff work to do tying nico's collar into the vampire's cloak.