Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painting Desk

Going through a bit of gamer (painter?) ADD right now.  Can't decide what to work on.  There's a halloween Malifaux tournament coming up (set master, 50ss pool, 35ss games) and I'm undecided between Nicodem and Pandora.  Nicodem's army is fully painted, but I'd want to get his avatar finished if I were to play him- and that'd be a ton of work I don't think I'll have time for.  Pandora's crew has a lot of finished models, but a few that I'd want to paint up and include in the pool (a few stitched, teddy, etc). 

Looking at my Nightmare Teddy I was trying to decide how to tackle painting him and I decided dipping would work out great with him.  Here he is, from primer I spent perhaps 30 minutes splashing on the various colours (from my experience dipping a Beastmen army, lighter colours work much better as a base) and another couple painting on the Army Painter dip.  Once the dip sets, I'll hit it with some Dullcote and then throw in a few more highlights for good measure.  Still to add is the fat kid, who will be falling off the front edge of the base as he tries to flee the Teddy. xD

You can also see the Avatar of Decay, now primed and ready to paint with a light black wash to pick out the details, and a few terror tots, who I'm using to test out the method I'll use for red-skinned nephilim. 

I may just end up dipping the stitched as well, though I'm not sure the dip would work as well on their smooth surfaces.  They'd definitely require some post-dip highlighting.


  1. I certainly understand the time constraints but that Nico Avatar is just such an awesome model! It would be a shame NOT to field him! LOL

    The dip on Teddy looks good too. I have only tried the army painter quickshades once and didn't like the results. I haven't written it off yet though. I'll take a couple more cracks at it on different models.

  2. I'd love to have the avatar finished for the tourney, maybe I'll just give him the dip treatment as well. It's not as if I won't be replacing him once the official model is released....

    I've had some good results with the army painter quickshades. Some models turn out better than others, and I think the more bumps the model has (hair on teddy stands out great) the better. Some of the best dip results I've seen are courtesy of Glen from Kelowna, BC (aka 'Leifer'). you can see some of his Warmahordes models here ( though like he said he did do some extra highlighting and shading post-dip. I think in general the dip alone with a dullcote will give decent tabletop quality as long as you pick an appropriate base colour, but with a few extra highlights/black lining you can really make it shine with a minimum of effort. Definitely if you're going with the dip on a whole crew/army/whatever I'd test out your colour scheme on a few test models first and see what the dip does with it.